In the demanding field of car detailing, Phoenix Detailing is the reference in Brussels for anyone looking to restore their vehicle to its original glory. Specializing in high-level car detailing, we offer a complete range of services designed to meet the specific needs of each vehicle and each customer. Whether you’re looking for simple interior cleaning or advanced exterior protection, Phoenix Detailing is your trusted partner for exceptional car detailing in Brussels.

All about car detailing

Car detailing is a discipline that raises many questions. Here are some clear answers, so that you no longer have any secrets on the subject.

How much does car detailing cost?

The cost of car detailing varies according to a number of factors, such as the size of the vehicle, its initial condition, and the specific services required. Typically, prices start at around €150 for a basic service on a standard-sized car, but can reach several thousand euros for complete high-quality services, including paint correction, ceramic protection and in-depth interior detailing. It’s important to consult a professional for a personalized quote.

Why detail your vehicle?

Detailing your vehicle has several significant advantages. Not only does it improve the aesthetic appearance of your car, keeping it in near-new condition, but it also helps preserve its resale value. Detailing protects paintwork and interior surfaces from damage and wear, prolonging the life of your vehicle.


What’s the difference between polishing and shining?

Polishing is a corrective step that uses abrasive products to remove paint surface imperfections such as scratches, swirls and oxidation. The aim is to restore the pait’s smooth finish.

Shining, on the other hand, is a finishing step that follows polishing. It uses less abrasive or non-abrasive products to improve the gloss and depth of paint color. Shining helps to “lock in” the results of polishing and give the car a dazzling shine.

At Pheonix Detailing, we restore the original shine of the paint !

What’s the best product for polishing a car?

Choosing the best polish depends on the specific needs of your vehicle and the desired result. Well-known brands such as Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys, and Mothers offer a wide range of high-quality polishes suitable for different types of paintwork and finishes. For effective polishing, we recommend using a product suited to the condition of your paintwork, and following the manufacturer’s specific instructions. For personalized advice, it’s always a good idea to consult a detailing professional.


Why choose Phoenix Detailing for your car detailing Brussels?

Expertise and professionalism

Our team of passionate specialists has in-depth knowledge of the most advanced detailing techniques. Thanks to ongoing training and the use of the highest quality products, we guarantee impeccable results that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Customized services

At Phoenix Detailing, we understand that every vehicle is unique. That’s why we offer customized solutions that perfectly match your car’s specifics and your personal expectations. Whether you need leasing preparation, ceramic paint protection or professional polishing, we offer tailor-made expertise.


Cutting-edge technology

We use the latest technology and most innovative products on the market to provide a first-class detailing service. From paint correction to deep interior cleaning, our methods guarantee long-lasting protection and an exceptional finish.

Car detailing at Phoenix Detailing in Brussels starts with meticulous attention to every detail of your vehicle, inside and out. Here’s how we transform your car to make it sparkle with cleanliness.

Thorough exterior detailing

Innovative pre-wash

The process begins with an active foam pre-wash, essential for capturing and removing impurities without damaging the paintwork. Precision-applied foam gently envelops dirt for efficient, scratch-free removal.

Precision wash

Following the pre-wash, a meticulous wash is performed with a top-of-the-range shampoo. Using the two-bucket method, with separating grids, we ensure deep cleaning without reintroducing abrasive particles to the bodywork.

Correction and protection

After meticulous surface preparation, micro-scratches are corrected using special polishes and pads. Finally, the application of a protective wax enhances the color of your paintwork and provides long-lasting protection.


Detailed interior renovation

Deep cleaning

The interior is not left out. We carry out a thorough cleaning of all fabrics, carpets and seats, removing every stain and disinfecting the space.

Perfect finishes

Plastics, dashboards and other interior surfaces are treated to look as good as new, completing your vehicle’s transformation.

If you’re looking for a car detailing service in Brussels that combines expertise, passion, and exceptional results, look no further than Phoenix Detailing. We’re dedicated to transforming and protecting your precious vehicle, making it as pristine as the day you first drove it. Visit our website or contact us directly to find out how we can bring your car back to life.