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Phoenix car wash Brussels

Give your car’s interior a personal touch with our seat covering service and enjoy the most of it. Book your seat covering appointment through the web, phone, or WhatsApp, or feel free to drop by without an appointment. We will be happy to welcome you to our lounge, where you can relax with a hot cup of coffee and Wi-Fi while we expertly customize your car’s interior.

Phoenix is the place where experienced and passionate professionals excel in seat covering, performing their art in our garage. Transform your car’s interior with our custom-made seat covers, an essential part of our seat covering services. Choose from thousands of combinations in leather, Alcantara, or fabric, all meticulously crafted to fit perfectly. With our expertise in seat covering, every detail is tailored to your preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized touch to your vehicle.


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Seats Cover

  • Your Own Design

  • Custom Made

  • Perfect Fit

  • Add Your Logo

  • Protect Original Seats

Your Car Seat Covering, Your Identity

Phoenix car wash Brussels

We admire what we do, transforming your car into a Phoenix car, complete with our expert seat covering services for a custom, distinctive touch

What Makes Phoenix Ultimate Car Care Different

Phoenix car wash Brussels

Free exterior wash to identify your unique car care needs

25 years of experience

Preliminary services: Shampooing/polishing

Best Customer Experience

Optional towing service to save time

Payment with credit card or Bancontact

Free Coffee & Wifi

We love to welcome our guests

Optional Private Office Booking

Our guests mayprefer to work at their own pace. We have office booking solution.

Free qoute with a free exterior wash

Every car has its unique needs. Get your free exterior wash for your custom quote.

Cosy Lounge

We designed a cosy lounge for car carers.


Clients love us

Excellent service. I needed a car wash and found this company. Place is easy to reach by car. Waiting lobby is nice, you could take your laptop with you and work while you wait. Car wash and interior cleaning were done by professionalism. I can highly recommend this place. I will use their services again in future.

Ilkka Ikonen, Avada

Extremely happy with the service Sprinterwash provided🙏 From the first call we had, David was very helpful and friendly. I really appreciate the time he devoted for our case. We had mold everywhere in our car and the Sprinterwash team managed to resolve the problem and clean every little detail. They are miracle workers not only for interior but also exterior. Our car looks new and shiny after a polish treatment that David recommended ✨ The customer approach and service is truly fascinating! We were able to work from their premises while our car was being checked – being able to do this made scheduling the appointment easier. David is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful🦸Thank you very much you are the best 🥇

Michaela Pascaru

I was really impressed with the finish of my car. It’s 3 years old and I inherited it from a less caring owner. The exterior now looks much improved, and the interior like new. David was extremely helpful, the team very professional. I will definitely use again. Thank you!

Fred Smith

Made my day. Place to meet new friends. People knowing their work. Exceptional customer service. Car well-cared and shining again.

Lauris Kanders

Build now your own identity with our simulator.


More Care, Less Effort

Phoenix car wash Brussels

Get your car treated by our professionals. Keep your car shiny all the time while saving time & money.

Easy Access

30 minutes from Antwerp

6 minutes from Brussels International Airport

15 minutes to Brussels

Address: Kouterveldstraat 10A, 1831 Machelen