We offer professional wrapping and unwrapping services to transform and protect your vehicle’s appearance. Our customized solutions are ideal for those wishing to renew their car’s appearance or protect it effectively against external aggression.

What is Wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping involves applying a layer of vinyl film to the exterior of your car, allowing you to completely change its look without any permanent intervention on the original paintwork. It offers extra protection against scratches, dirt and UV damage, while giving your vehicle a new, customized look.


What is Unwrapping?

Unwrapping is the process of removing the vinyl film, restoring your vehicle to its original appearance. This service is often used at the end of a lease or before the sale of a car, ensuring that the vehicle is returned to its original, undamaged condition.

Vehicle wrapping:

  • Choice of finishes : matte, satin, gloss, metallic, or special textures such as carbon.
  • Professional application: Our qualified technicians ensure careful, bubble-free application, guaranteeing perfect aesthetic results.
  • Complete customization: From complete color changes to specific accents, we offer tailor-made options to meet your personalization requirements.

Vehicle unwrapping:

  • Careful removal: We use precise techniques to remove the film without damaging the underlying paintwork.
  • Restoration to original condition: Ideal for lease returns or to prepare for a sale, we ensure that your car is restored to its original look.

Why choose Phoenix Detailing for your Wrapping / Unwrapping?

Expertise and quality:

Our installers are experienced professionals, trained in the latest wrapping and unwrapping techniques.

High-quality materials:

We use only premium vinyl films from brands renowned for their durability and aesthetics.

Full customization:

From complete color changes to specific accents, we offer tailor-made options to meet your personalization needs.

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Whether you’re planning a styling change or need to prepare your vehicle for a lease return, Phoenix Detailing is your trusted partner for all your wrapping and unwrapping needs in Brussels. Contact us today to discuss your projects and find out how we can help you personalize and protect your vehicle with our innovative wrapping solutions.

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