For those who are passionate about their vehicle, we were “running”. We will now “fly”. In determining our name, we were inspired by the life-giving, inspiring symbolism of the Phoenix bird.

We were Sprinter Wash and turned into Phoenix. Thanks to you and Sprinter Wash we learned a lot, lived fully. Now it’s time to say goodbye to Sprinter wash and welcome Phoenix.

Phoenix dares, we dare. We always dare to reveal potential power. We believe in transformation, to bury old versions for a more powerful and improved version.

We are in love with going through challenges because we know this means being alive, improving constantly, making things possible to revive with all dedications and efforts.

Now, we did it. It’s our re-birthday. Phoenix was born with its all glitter and glory. We are ready to transform cars into Phoenix cars. To stimulate reviving, to make sure well-being.

We have a lot more to do together. You are a part of this stunning community with your car. It’s time. Take good care of your car with our free consultation session including free exterior wash. You’ll get a warm welcome, a warm cup of coffee and expert friends. Click to book 20 minutes expertise session dedicated to you <3

We are excited to meet you & see you in our community.

Loves, Phoenix.