Phoenix is a place where genuine aesthetic care and attention of our cars is our top mission.

Our Manifest

Phoenix is to be many, to live to the fullest, to not miss life, to start the story, to continue unblocked, to be unique.

Your car is where stories begin. You live and you leave marks. We love dirty car interiors filled with great memories.

Your car needs to be treated well. Phoenix is where the vehicles receive genuine care from head to toe. At Phoenix, every detail counts.

Your car is valuable and becomes more valuable after you become our guest. With every touch of ours, the vehicle comes to life again.

Your car is in good hands, in Phoenix. Phoenix is the power of re-birth, to be revived, refreshed, renewed. It is the place where the quality of life is increased.

” Phoenix instills well-being “

The Promises

Phoenix car wash Brussels

We ensure to provide finest “full car care service” for our guests while they enjoy a warm and elegant ambience.

Phoenix experience stimulates senses and arouses welfare with an upmost care for car aesthetic.